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Mastered For iTunes

Notes on preparing your mixdown

Preferred file-format
Preferred resolution / samplerate
24 bit / 44.1kHz (or higher)
Please deliver your mixes in the same bit-depth and sample rate as they were produced in your DAW
(ie. no up-sampling, no dithering).
Minimum bit-depth / sample rate
16bit / 44.1kHz
Headroom / peak signal
Headroom between -12 and -3dBFS is preferable but not strictly necessary. Please check your mixes for clipping though.
Levels must not exceed 0 dBFS.
Bus compression/ limiting
When exporting your mix, please turn off all effects that only serve to increase loudness.
No limiters, no maximizers. Mix-bus compression used to sculpt your mix (and that you may have
mixed into from the beginning) should remain, as your mix would most likely collapse without it.
If in doubt, please export two versions of your mix: one with bus compression and and one without.
If you are delivering STEMS please ensure all files share the same length/duration and time-code position.